AJXI Connector by Apt Platform Technologies, Inc.

Product Overview

The AJXI Connector by Apt Platform Technologies, Inc. is an implementation of Johnstone Supply’s JXI cross-referencing lookup system. When fully integrated with your ERP or inventory tracking system, Johnstone branch employees will be able to quickly source OEM replacement parts from your stock.


  • AJXI is a proven product, running in production at multiple Johnstone vendors.
  • APT has a close working relationship with Johnstone’s information technology department. If any changes in the JXI protocol are necessary, we can quickly turn around any required updates. Our average implementation time is less than two (2) weeks.
  • APT will work with you to provide updated stock data in whatever method you prefer. We support many methods, including a periodic push of data from your system, or a direct query into your ERP system, or some combination. Let us do the integration work for you.
  • Competitive pricing. Fully installed and supported for one year, our standard configuration AJXI retail price starts at US$5000. This price includes a perpetual fallback license and includes up to 4 hours of installation support. Custom integration services are available at an additional cost. Additional years of professional support services are available starting at US$1200 per year.

Future Possibilities

  • RESTful API. AJXI can be extended to work with other organizations if you require. We would like the opportunity to integrate any of your inventory availability requirements with you.
  • Query statistics. AJXI can track how many queries for products, both positive and negative results, are being done. This is useful when Johnstone customers request a product that you are currently out of stock on that cost you a sale.

Product Architecture

  • Whether you want to run the AJXI connector on premises or in the public cloud, our solution is ready. We use lightweight Linux containers which gives us the ability to run on your VMware or Hyper-V infrastructure or on public infrastructure from Amazon Web Services or DigitalOcean (among others).
  • AJXI uses Let’s Encrypt for SSL certificates unless your requirements are different. We can also use static SSL certificates generated by your CA of choice. Johnstone requires signed certificates, not self-signed SSL.
  • Queries into AJXI come from Johnstone systems only. Our application firewall denies all other traffic.
  • Data updates are initiated from the vendor hourly (or on a schedule vendor negotiates with Johnstone). AJXI currently supports:
    • HTTPS POST with binary data in the body
    • SFTP / SCP / FTPS
    • FTP (not recommended – passwords are sent in the clear)
    • SMB/CIFS (normally only used for on-premises solutions)
    • Live query into NetSuite Inventory using the SuiteTalk protocol.

Sample Data File Format

  • Incoming Vendor data shall be formatted as follows, including column headers. Order is unimportant.

00000,0,OCEAN,"Buford GA 30519"
00000,1,OCEAN,"Kona HI 96725"
00000,1,OCEAN,"Montauk NY 11954"
11111,1,BOX,"Buford GA 30519"
22222,2,PALLET,"Buford GA 30519"
33333,3,TSP,"Buford GA 30519"
44444,4,CRATE,"Buford GA 30519"
55555,5,EA,"Buford GA 30519"
66666,6,BUCKET,"Buford GA 30519"
77777,7,TRUCKLOAD,"Buford GA 30519"
88888,8,SCOOP,"Buford GA 30519"
99999,9,CUP,"Buford GA 30519"