Ready to maximize your software infrastructure potential.

Willing to let your requirements drive the product life cycle.

Able to provide robust, scalable solutions.

APT provides customized hardware and software integration solutions dedicated to helping businesses maximize their throughput. With extensive experience developing the foundation which large software platforms need to run successfully, business owners and managers alike trust us to design and automate the systems most critical to their business.

We can develop applications and provide the glue that makes the different layers of your application work together. That could mean automating application deployment, moving your application from capital hardware onto more cost effective cloud solutions, or providing continuous integration and deployment solutions to get your software into production faster. The result – a customized solution that accelerates your business to the next level.

We have fully embraced public cloud solutions, but also have the expertise necessary to handle complex integration with your private or hosted systems to provide maximum flexibility. If you already have a large capital investment in hardware, let us help you to make that investment work for you without the operational expense of the public cloud.

Software Foundation Services Suite

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) conversion and customization
  • On-Premises Cloud deployment and support
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Unix/Linux platform administration, development, and automation
  • Custom application development for complex integrations